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Welding Schools and Training in Maryland

Welding Schools and Training in Maryland

If you are a welding enthusiast residing in or around Maryland, your best bet to get a well-rounded and comprehensive welding education is to enroll at welding schools in Maryland. There are several schools that offer welding training programs. These are vocation technical schools that offers welding classes, welding program, welding training and welding certification. These welding schools in Maryland are the following:

  • Prince George’s Community College. Its main campus is in Largo, Maryland and the school also has three other locations in the state. Its welding program will grant the student a certificate of completion. The welding program is available through training in the workforce and its continuing education division. Their welding certification program will prepare students to receive their certification from the American Welding Society. The coursework program is geared both for new students as well as welders with experience in pipe welding, metal arc welding and overhead welding. Their students will be taught how to use various equipment for welding as well as follow welding safety procedures. All these are taught in the school’s hands-on welding lab.
  • Anne Arundel Community College. The AACC located in Arnold prides itself on being able to deliver extensive and unique opportunities for education that it is able to offer because of its various partnerships. An example of this partnership is with the Earlbeck Gasses and Technologies, a welding company that is based in Baltimore to offer a program that will offer welding training. The welding training program at AACC will give welding classes with multitple skill levels in mind. For beginners, their training will start with a course that is designed to teach the basics of welding, then move on for specialization in three distinct welding methods. Students will earn the opportunity of getting certifications in Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding, Metal Inert Gas or MIG welding and Shielded Metal Arc or SMAW welding.


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